February in the Gardens

Cold, cold and more biting cold, ice and snow!

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Winter in The Old Rectory Gardens

Life in the garden never stands still, as every good gardener appreciates. However, the months leading up to Christmas can be a time for ‘taking the foot off the spade’ so to speak and to indulge in some creativity. Especially, leading up to the festivities of December. As this photo shows, we certainly didn’t hold back on the garland over the front door that ushered in the season of goodwill and cheer!

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September in the Garden

As September arrived, the intensity of the colours in the borders has deepened, and they could almost be likened to some glorious head of hair, so lush and rich! They are heavy with green foliage and full on with vibrant colour.

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July in the Garden

Our busiest months have passed by in a flash and we are now closed for a breathing space, until September. However, as all keen gardeners know, breathing spaces don’t happen often and we are treating this time to really begin to review the borders, both through planting and the execution of our development plans for the Autumn! Read more

Performance of the Roses

Featured Image of Roses

Ascot week and what a ‘scorcher’ it has been here! Our poor roses didn’t know what to do with themselves as they prepared for their debut, subject to refreshment! So at the cooler times of the day, ie, 5.30am and late evening, we have been steadily moving the sprinklers and hosepipes around every bed and tending to their needs. Warm weather in early Spring, followed by the late, chilling frost and finally strong winds, have not helped in rehearsals! Luckily, like all true divas,  they ‘pulled it out of the bag’ when required and we have been rewarded with a magnificent ‘Show of Roses’.

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Welcome to our New Website

Hello and welcome to our newly designed website for The Old Rectory Gardens, which we hope you will use as a portal into all the daily and seasonal activities going on within it and join us on our garden’s journey in the years to come.
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